Berkano Anglo Saxon for birch which is the tree of re-birth and renewal


I, have operated Berkano Woodwork since 2012 having fallen foul of the economic downturn a year earlier.


At this point I decided it was time to make a new start and realise a long term ambition of working with wood.


Since 2012 I have been producing bespoke pieces with the underlying motivation of bringing out the true beauty of certain pieces of wood that would otherwise be unseen or discarded.


As such, wherever possible I use reclaimed wood and so pieces of an old table may end up having a new incarnation as a memory box therefore recycling the wood and extending its life in a new form.


Sometimes it is possible to make slight changes to something and turn it into a completely new object whilst still retaining many of the features of its previous purpose.





















One of the most successful of these projects was altering the arm of a bed frame, destined for the tip, into a retro-style mirror.


If I can’t source reclaimed wood in the quantities I need for a project then I will always use FSC certified wood which is from managed and sustainable sources, but often, to make it a little more challenging, I will use construction grade wood.


This kind of wood is ordinarily hidden somewhere within the structure of your house or office. It is destined to go unseen and see the light of day again only when the building in which it belongs is demolished.


It is much more testing to begin with such a product, one that has no pretensions of beauty, and to try to find them.


The results can be stunning and it is amazing to see how wonderful a piece of roof truss can look if nurtured correctly!


So take some time to look through this website and please use the contact form to place an order or ask me any questions about something you would like making.


Everything is hand made in a very small workshop and therefore waiting times will reflect this so if you want that special gift or addition to your home get in touch now!


Jan Needham

March 2014