Jewellery Boxes

Hand made jewellery locking box, dovetail joints, single drawer
Hand made jewellery locking jewellery box
Hand made locking jewellery box, single drawer, dovetail joints

All handmade with dovetail joints and available in various finishes and styles.


  • Standard jewellery boxes - £120 include the following:

    • Painted finish (including shabby chic style if required) or

    • Natural wood finish with oil coating for durability

    • A single layer with two larger and two smaller compartments

    • Lock with single key

    • Inset hinges


  • Stencilled standard boxes - £150 – which includes stencilling on lid of up to four words or names. Additional wording at £2 per word.


  • Carved standard boxes - £200 – includes up to four names or words. Additional wording at £5 per word. These boxes are hand waxed.


  • A small drawer can be added under any of the boxes listed above for an additional £20