At Last! My First Blog!

Reclaimed mirror dovetailed with copper details
Well it's about time I hear you cry. You've had this website for months and not one blog post has seen the light of day. Well, apologies are duly proferred and hairshirt donned; mea ultima culpa! I can offer only the poor excuse that 'tis busy working for oneself and hope that pity might be lavished upon me, but I promise to try much harder from now on...but don't hold me to that please!

It is sooo very busy though as I am preparing for the wonderful Festival of Thrift - check out for all the goings on. The event was held for the first time last year but I missed out as I was pre-booked. 27,000 people visited so that was a giant fail from me! There are hopes that this year will be even better so make sure that you head to Darlington this Saturday and Sunday, 27 and 28 September and join the fun.

I have a few new items in the making and the featured photo here is one of them. The frame for this mirror is made from some lovely chunky wood that was ready for the skip. It is just construction quality timber but it does brush up well! It has been sanded and dyed and then given a few coats of finishing oil for a nice sheen and some durability and there a four giant dovetail joints which look good and add strength. The leaves have been hand cut from copper sheet and attached with copper hardboard pins and the stems are twisted copper wire painstakingly stripped from discarded electrical cable. It was a tricky job but, as with everything that is made from material that was about to be consigned to the timber graveyard, is so worth the effort.

Well, I've done it. My first post! I hope it's not too boring and I hope I'm not talking to myself! If you've read it and feel like making a comment that would be fab. As long as it's a nice comment of course :-) I'll be slaving away getting everything ready for the weekend so check back in next week and see how it went.

Thanks for tuning in.

Jan Needham

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