Wine Boxes

All wine boxes are handmade with dovetail joints and a coopered lid. Add a velvet lining to the base for a luxurious look.


All boxes will hold six standard or Champagne bottles.


  • Standard boxes painted (including shabby chic), or natural wood with oil finish - £150

    • Personalise with up to four names or words stencilled – £180. Additional wording at £2 per word


  • Standard boxes with natural wood finish and hand waxed - £200

    • Personalise with up to four names carved - £250.

    • Additional names or words at £5 per word.


  • Standard butterfly hinges are included in the prices above. Alternatives available are:

    • Inset brass hinges - £5 extra

    • Cast iron snake hinges - £10 extra

Hand made wine box with dovetail joints
Hand carved, personalised wine box